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Dick Justice-Cocaine

Published May 20, 1929

Recorded on May 20, 1929 in Chicago. Justice was a contemporary of Frank Hutchison, where he evidently worked in the mines with Hutchison and played music with him. This tune was recorded by Luke Jordan in 1927 as "Cocaine Blues" (not to be confused with "Cocaine Habit Blues" recorded by the Memphis Jug Band). This tune is one of most surreal in old-time country. While there are clear references to the partaking of the white stuff, there is also seemingly unrelated commentary about a man who lives off his girlfriend's earnings (and what she can steal from her employer) and the furniture man repossessing the furniture. This tune is a hoot!

1 - Cocaine
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Date 1929-05-20 00:00:00
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Run time 3:01


Reviewer: jcjslacker - - December 15, 2009
Subject: luke jordan?
love this tune and would love to hear the recording of the luke jordan... anyone know where to get a copy?
Reviewer: sav rekons - - May 30, 2009
Subject: good
this one has 128 bit rate
Reviewer: freemem - - August 20, 2007
Subject: Cocaine
What was those good old boy's doing in the 1920's, before t.v. rotted our brains. Great tune.
Reviewer: Countrymike - - May 31, 2007
Subject: can't get enough of this song
i've played this one numerous times on the radio! one of the great unknown tunes -- viva!!
Reviewer: garp6600 - - November 10, 2006
Subject: Timeless!
Iam simply wild about this. A definite DL!
Reviewer: jazza222 - - April 18, 2004
Subject: Great!!!!
Excellent guitarist with almost a crooner's voice and as stated elsewhere totally wild lyrics.A must download.
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